FlowerDesign professional classes

The Flower Designer is the florist who designs real works of floral art, studying with minimal care all the details and the different characteristics of all flowers.

A mixture of harmony and art to create decorations with flowers and allestimentiesterni & Interior exploiting various scenic materials to make the shape of his unique creation and unique.

The course to form a professional flower designer in the design and realization of his own project, for any event, through the development of their creativity. The choice and planning of flower arrangement will be suited to the customer and at the same location where they will be exposed. If this is your real passion chedi and contact information!


“Flower’s life is short, but the joy it can give in a minute is neverending”

Paul Claudel

Flowers are that kind of detail that will be fixed in the memories of your special day. At Spizzichina you can attend to professional classes and learn everything about flowers scenographies for every event.

You will learn how to mix colours and textures, create forms and creative elements, developing skills to take care of every detail for every kind of ceremony.