Professional Courses


The culture of beauty is born in Italy and it’s well knowed all over the world in painting, architecture, music, poetry. But there is another great italian’s tradition that everyone love: the good cooking and everything about it.

Spizzichina has a professional cooking school, preparing talented people through professional courses.

Trained by the best professionist, you will learn everything about good cooking becoming a chef and also all about decoration with flower designer and mixing food and beverage with successful barmen.



-the art of cooking (Chef)

- the art of cooking Decoration (Flower Design)

- the beverage alchemy(Barman)

 Via  Riccardo Moretti, 6
Via  Cassia, 1416 - 00123 ROMA


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Tel. 06/30360101
Cel. 338.5800763 - 3891127140

The course has a limited number, and will take place in the months from October to March.

*To register fill out the form within the area of interest