The Consacrate Church

The Spizzichina Castle is a perfect location for your reception. Is possible to conformably celebrate the religious ritual,  thanks to the consecrate church inside the castle itself.

The church was built  at the same time of the castle. It is said that Spizzichna’s residents themselves asked for one inside the castle, due to the big distance from the other church located more in the center of the city.

The church was reconstructed during the 1400.

The small altar has been studied according to the type cosmatesco, repeating the seven pillars that support the canteen is also intended to convey the concept of paleo-Christian cardinal and theological virtues.

The apse, painted in encaustic, is decorated in the small niche with sacred images.

Obviously like all the churches can not miss the bell, the original preserved from the first construction of the church and placed in the corner overlooking the square, which is still used to draw the attention of all invited to participate in the Holy ritual.

In the exterior of the church are various Roman relics of much importance, from capitals to a sarcophagus leaning against the outside wall of the church near the gardens.

To carefully observe the effigy on the famous sarcophagus of Giustiniani dedicated to a certain "Amymone", whose story the leader wanted to emphasize to everyone present in his visit to the castle, as an example of dedication to home and family despite its nobility.

Writing in Latin reads these stanzas: "Here is placed Amymone, daughter of Marcus, good and beautiful, working the wool, street, fugal, Casta, withdrawn at home"

(Hic sita est, Amymone Marci (sottointeso Coniux) optima et pulcherrima, lanifica, pia, pudica, frugi, casta, domiseda)


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