Castel's Menù


From many years of experience and passion for cooking come our menus for events and receptions,

cared for in all their details, rispecchiado the beauty of this historic location.

From the welcome cocktail to the wedding cake and open bar, you can enjoy fine dishes prepared specifically in indoor kitchens of the Spizzichina Castle.

Taking advantage of high mastery chef and selected ingredients you can customize and taste every dish,

choosing and composing your own menu with dishes that most will own terms.

Discover some examples of menus in our area and feel free to contact us for more information!



Templar Menu

Knights Menu

Cloister Menu

Tower Menu

Cave Menu

Court Menu


Presso la nostra location vengono applicate le disposizioni normative settoriali in merito:

  1. alla sanificazione dei luoghi di preparazione dei cibi, delle attrezzature e delle sale interne;
  2. all'adozione dei DPI per personale di cucina e di servizio;
  3. rispetto del distanziamento fra ospiti.